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What is crystal healing?

Healing through crystals is a process in which the one who is using it for healing has to place his/her faith in the crystals. When all other measures do not provide a satisfactory result, crystal healing comes in. It is believed that with usage of a proper and charged crystal mental and physical benefits can be attained. However, there are no scientific claims but crystal healing is very popular all over the world.

What are crystals?

Crystals are natural rocks or solids made up of various properties which get repeated in same kind of pattern and get built in a random structure or shape. They are found in special locations and are formed due to special conditions of land and water which have distinct atoms, ions, molecules and minerals. Some get formed due to weather conditions. Properties of a crystals are somewhat different from regular gemstones.

What are the benefits of healing crystals?

There are various benefits of healing crystals such as the healing through it would be very soothing as they show positive effects on the mind within some weeks. Moreover, healing through it is cost effective as they are not as costly as other treatments. Positive energy flow, relaxation of mind and even get rid of physical problems are major benefits.

Do gemstones have healing properties?

Big yes, Gemstones are gift of mother nature to humans are the have several healing properties. They are largely used all over the world due to their healing nature which include getting rid of mental, emotional stress, anxiety and even diseases but they are to be worn according the conditions of planetary positions in horoscope.

How crystal therapy provides positive effects to a human body?

According to researches, crystals actually have the power of holding the positive energy within them and with their proper usage they even assist the one who holds or carries them for positivity. They effect on mind in getting rid of toxic and negative energies which indirectly leads to have a positive flow of vibes to human body.

How can I know which crystal suits me?

Good news is that you don’t need to worry about this as crystals never release any negative energy. You can choose according to your needs, you just need to find out what you actually want according to your feelings.

Are there any side effects in using healing crystals?

Most of the people never have any side effect of healing crystals as they release positivity. Rare conditions lead to side effects where a person can feel something unusual in their mind or body. Keeping it clearer one must buy a crystal which is charged with positivity.

Can anyone use healing crystals?

Of course, there is only the need of putting your trust in the crystal and it will work positively for you. Just pick the crystal according to your need and it would do wonders for you.

Are crystals used for decoration?

Crystals have a certain energy of positivity which help in looking at better side of life. Of course, they are kept to keep the aura positive of home and make the place look beautiful too.

Where crystals should be placed in a home?

All the crystals have power to wonders, keeping them at a neat and tidy place would be a good idea but according to crystals they should be kept in certain direction of home to have best results.

What are crystals used for?

Crystals are used for several purposes such as decoration, healing of mind and getting rid of various kinds of pains if they are charged with positive energy and are trusted by the user. They are even used at home to keep the aura of home or office very blissful.

Is it good to have crystals in your home?

Certainly, if you feel that your home is having any kind of negative energy or it lacks the homely environment. Keeping a crystal in the proper direction according to the vastu of crystal would be a miraculous. So, no harm in keeping the crystal that suits your home.

When should you put out crystals?

Putting a crystal out is when it gets chipped or broken is best as it shows that it has just completely lost its potential of working. Just do not throw it away, clean it with pure water and keep it outer area of your room or home. Put the crystal out after the sun gets set.

What crystals cannot be together?

Keeping combinations of some crystals is not recommended such as carnelian and blue lace agate as it just considered that there positivity gets cancelled but they do not omit negativity. Quartz are also considered moonstone.

What is the best crystal to wear daily?

Rose quartz, Clear quartz, Celestite, Citrine, Turquoise and the list goes on for daily usage of crystals.

Which crystals help with anxiety?

Many crystals can help in reducing anxiety such as Amethyst, Blue lace agate, Rose quartz, Clear quartz, Black tourmaline and the list goes on. Just pick according to your budget and need.

What crystals make you happy?

The crystals that make one feel joyous are Quartz such rose, clear, smoky, then tiger’s eye, yellow jasper and others.

How do you recharge crystals?

his process involves to bathe the crystal under the full moon light (just keep to get charged, nothing else), essence of bush flowers can be sprayed on the crystal with clean and pure water mixed with it. Sometimes reiki is also used to recharge them. If crystal is not sensitive to sunlight, it can be put under it too.

Where do you put rose quartz in bedroom?

Best direction for keep Rose quartz in bedroom is the sout-west direction.

Can you sleep with rose quartz?

Yes, you can sleep with Rose quartz. It is mostly recommended for those who feel very lonely.

Which crystals cannot be cleansed in salt water?

Crystals which come under category of porous, softness and even trace metals like malachite, selenite, angelite, carnelian and others which fall under same category.

What crystals are dangerous?

Here dangerous does not mean inauspicious but which are known for hardness in their nature and might harm due to it. For instance- crocidolite, hydroxyapatite, erionite, phenacite, chrysotile and there are a few more in this list.

How do you activate crystals?

There are various ways of activating crystals such as providing them your own energy which includes you meditating with it, singing spiritual prayers activate crystals very easily. Other way is to keep it within green area and allowing the crystal to absorb the positivity.

What bad effects does amethyst stone have?

Though it is considered to be a great stone for mental health but it also has side-effects such as breast pain, nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, dizziness etc.

Does amethyst protect you?

Amethyst has a lot of benefits which include protection from negative energies and it even provides a mental security to the user.

How do you take care of amethyst crystals?

Taking care of this crystal includes storing it a soft cloth or some kind of container which includes pads inside it. Too much exposure to sunlight or bright light would surely effect its beauty and energy. Should be cleaned by a professional as it is extremely soft.

What does amethyst symbolize?

This crystal is related to the planet Venus. It symbolizes various kind of things such as being sincere, spiritual and even love for everyone. It also showcases protection from toxic emotions.

What is the most powerful crystal on Earth?

This question actually has no answer as every crystal is powerful and unique because of its appearance and unique powers. It just depends that the one which works best for you is the most powerful for you.

What Stone brings luck and money?

Majority of the experts and astrologers consider Citrine to bring luck and money to most of the people as it suits almost everyone.

Which crystal is best for creativity?

Best crystal for enhancing the creativity in one’s life is Citrine. There are other stones which could be helpful for creativity are mookaite jasper, carnelian, garnet, tiger’s eye, blue lace agate etc.

How do you charge crystals in moonlight?

First of all, always consider the might of full moon as during that time feminine energy is at its peak. So, the crystal would make most of it. Before exposing it to the moonlight gently wash it pure and clean water. Chanting certain mantras before exposing it to moon would bring more divine feeling and positivity.

Do crystals vibrate?

It depends upon your aura. They do vibrate at the same level at which your healing ability is there. Placing it on your body and feeling your inner vibrations and trying to connect them with the placed crystals would make you feel them vibrating.

How do you use chakra stones?

There is not any special technique of using Chakra stones. There are seven Chakras and it depends which one are you using. While relaxing and meditating you just have to place it on the Chakra of your body and feel its energy. Wearing a pendant, bracelet or ring would also help.

What are the best crystals for protection?

Black Tourmaline is the most commonly crystal used for protection. Obsidian, Amethyst, Labradorite, Smoky quartz are also some considerable options for protection from negativity that commonly surrounds human body.

How do crystals work?

Crystals work on mind of a person which leads the person to look at the finest side of life. When crystals start to work the start giving positivity to mind, they connect with auras of a person who develops faith in crystals. Charged and activated crystals make the user feel blessed as they work as a healer of mind.

How old are crystals?

Oldest crystal to be found on crust of earth is Zircon which considered as a substitute of diamond. It is almost 4.4 billion old, found in a sandstone in West of Australia in Jack Hills region.

What Stone is lucky?

Stones are different as compared to crystals. Stones cannot be wore without analyzing the horoscope of a person as it keeps on varying. If asked about the lucky crystal it could be amazonite, amethyst, citrine, garnet etc.

Which stone is best for health?

Wearing a stone without analyzation of birth chart could be dangerous as stones are related to particular planets. So, it depends on the horoscope of every individual. Crystals can be wore without any such risks. For example – Clear quartz, Jasper and Tiger’s eye are commonly used.

Which stone is best for business?

Citrine is the most amazing stone/crystal for bringing good luck in business. Is also brings financial luck.

What crystals should not be in your bedroom?

Crown chakra crystals such as Lepidolite, Scolecite, Indigo Gabbro, Selenite and so on are to be avoided in bedroom.

Are crystals used for meditation?

Yes, various crystals are used for meditation which include Clear quartz, Amethyst, Selenite and Lepidolite.

Is it important to energize the crystal before using?

By the time and through the process crystals reach us via various modes. They may have been absorbing a lot of energies which maybe negative. So, cleaning them and energizing them with positive energies is necessary.

Are crystals unbreakable?

No, most of the crystals are breakable.

How to take care of crystals?

Crystals are divided into various categories, some are soft, others are hard, some are sensitive to bright lights others maybe sensitive to salty water. So, it depends on the crystal you own. One common thing is to not use them very roughly as they can get scratches.

Does a crystal have healing energy for both mental and physical illness?

Certainly, there are many crystals which help in healing mental and physical ailments. The person should be patient enough to let the energy of crystal do its best. Crystals like Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, Charoite and Sunstone are perfect healers for most.