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Black Tektite Crystal

Tektites are meteorites that strike the earth and they formed from the elements of the location where they hit on earth, every tektite is different as the matter is different where they strike, but they have immense earth energy in them that make it a high-frequency mineral stone, These are generally Black or dark brown in color, Other than Moldavites which are green in color. Tektites are mostly found in the areas of North America, southeast Asia, China, Africa. Black tektite is a natural tranquilizer that relieves stress and pressure, soothes irritability regulates mood swings, dispels frustration, rage, fear, and anxiety. Relieves sorrow and grief and dissolves negativity. It stimulates spiritual consciousness, opens up insight, and strengthens psychic ability. Black Tektite stone is also known as tektite crystal. Tektite healing properties are famous all over the world. Tektite stone benefits and tektite crystal benefits are soothing to the mind which helps an individual to heal and relax.

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