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Crystal Set Crystal

A crystal set is a combination of different crystal that is designed to achieve a particular objective. The set includes a variety of crystal either in the form of a Pyramid, Bracelet, Crystal tree, pendant, or crystal bottles that complement each other to realize the specific targets of Blissful life, wealth, good results of studies, Protection against evil forces, victory over the enemy, to achieve success in different domains of life or to achieve love. The sets are strongly beneficial to attract positiveness. One of the most fascinating products of Tatva Science is these healing crystals set as it is the combination of chakra crystal set, chakra stones set which consists of 7 chakra crystal set and 7 stones of chakra which help unblock the various chakras of the body. If you are planning to present something; why not give them a healing crystals gift set? Buy a raw crystal set or crystal jewellery set for yourself or your special ones. A crystal gift set is available at Tatva Science.