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Larimar Crystal

Larimar is a variety of pectolite, which has soft blue color in it resemble the ocean waters, the spots in the stone are due to the iron oxidation in it. Larimar stone is generally found in the place of Caribbean seas in the Dominion Republic. Third eye Chakra activation leads to gain knowledge in a better way, better intuition power, become aware of the strengths and weaknesses, Know their own actions, and take responsibility for future actions without any hesitation. Larimar is a clear ray of positivity that makes you feel as light as air. Larimar healing is renowned all over the world. Larimar crystal and larimar stone always prove to be fruitful for the majority of the world. Larimar gemstone can be bought from Tatva Science website at an aggressive price. You will definitely understand the value of larimar stone once you own it. Larimar jewellery can also be worn occasionally.

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