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Tree Pendant Crystal

For best effects, the stone should be in your Aura, and wearing crystal tree pendants make the crystal always attached to your aura. Also when people see the crystal on you, some sort of positive shift happens in them, they also feel the soothing effect of it. As tree pendants are placed very near to hearts it channels the chakra near the heart (Anahat Chakra). So wearing a pendant will amplify the desires in your heart and send that energy to the universe so that it become reality sooner. Tree pendant in addition can be made of the mixer of different crystals aligned together. For those who feel threatened because of an unknown fear, we provide them a tree of life pendant to overcome such problems. As it contains a healing pendant, it has the ability to relax the mind of the sufferer. Our pendant tree is kind of tree jewellery to make your home or office look better and safe.