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Tiger Eye Crystal

Tiger's eye is the stone of protection, its color ranges from golden black to yellow black. It is commonly found in Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia, and the USA. The main features are -Keep the tiger's eye on the house to ensure a steady flow of money and good fortune. Suitable for entrepreneurs and first-time business owners. Tiger eye stone is still very valuable for them to develop skills and experience for future career changes. Carry or use the tiger eye stone to improve inner vision and perception in unusual places or circumstances, as well, as to protect against the negative intentions of others. Many crystals assist to get rid of anxiety but tiger eye crystal never disappoints in healing. Tiger eye stone is available in the form of a tiger eye bracelet on Tatva Science website. It is not just about anxiety; tiger eye stone benefits are actually uncountable. To experience the positivity; must buy a tiger stone. Red tiger eyes stone effects bring fortune in life.

Tiger Eye Crystal Products

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