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Green Quartz Crystal

Green Quartz has silicon dioxide, in the raw form it has high frequency, this must be taken after the consultation from the Astrologer. The raw Green Quartz can be found in the areas of Brazil, Poland, Canada, India, and Australia. It communicates directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolves internal wounds, worries, and resentments, and circulates the Sacred caring energy throughout the whole aura. It holds a warm feminine force of love and harmony, tenderness and compassion, nourishment, and warmth. It radiates very positive and encouraging energy. It is recommended that you should place this stone in the east or southeast corner of your house to attract abundance, vitality & healthy growth. Green quartz jewellery is famous all over the world. Owning a green quartz crystal or green quartz stone is considered to be auspicious. Uncountable green quartz benefits are there. Buy green quartz gemstone from Tatva Science without any hassle.

Green Quartz Crystal Products

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