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Solution for Inheritance issue

Planet reposible: "Sun"

Sun signifies

Soul of a person, self-realization, energy of mind and body, right eye, being well, father, being famous, egoism, being the royal, brain and being brilliant, various parts of stomach excluding small and large intestine, veins, bile in body and even eyesight.

In the World – Authority, Politics, High Status, Charisma, Government Jobs, Electricity and Rule by Kings.

Crystals that can be used to solve:

Planet reposible: "Jupiter"

Jupiter signifies

Knowledge of a person, elder brother, fat of the body, giving and receiving respect, achieving fame and wealth, being devoted, religious views, positive nature, being optimistic, limbs of the body like liver, ears, hips, gall bladder, and pancreas.

In the World – Teachers, Mentors, Donations, Scholarships, Higher education, Fortune, Religious places, Authors, Wise people, Gurus, Law, Professors, Skills, Meditation, Banking, Prosperity, Abundance of anything and things related to Sky.

Crystals that can be used to solve: