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Clear Quartz that is White transparent crystal is master in healing. This crystal is colourless most commonly found in Madagascar, Brazil, India, Russia, etc.


  • Main Properties
    • The key characteristics of transparent quartz are its ability to receive, store, transmit and amplify all sorts of energy.
    • That's why quartz is used in technology all the time.
    • Meditation practice is one of the best things you can do with pure quartz.
    • Keeping one of these crystals nearby at home or work tends to keep interaction clear and free from misunderstandings.
    • As an energy booster, pure quartz crystals are the right components for grids, wands, staff, and amulets.
  • Physical Healing Properties
    • kidneys, bladder, energy flow, toxin elimination, dental issues, vitality
    • metabolism, immune system, memory, heartburn
    • diarrhoea, skin infections, pain relief, vertigo, headaches
  • Emotional Healing Properties
    • emotional balance, cleansing, purifying
    • awareness, positive thinking, reduces stress
    • acceptance, emotional healing, stabilization
  • Metaphysical Properties
    • energy amplification, spiritual guide
    • angelic communication, connection with Divine energy, higher realms, humility
    • consciousness, awakening, telepathy.

One of the most beautiful looking crystal is clear quartz. Clear quartz crystal is also known for its healing properties. Our clear quartz bracelet comes with authentic clear quartz stone. To attain clear quartz crystal benefits; you can buy it from Tatva Science. We will provide clear crystals to you at a discount.