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Solution for Unemployment

Planet reposible: "Mercury"

Mercury signifies

Education of a person, speaking skills, skills of communication, power of analyzing, writing, higher education, interest in business, children, arms, hands, nervous system of body, tongue, intestine, being humorous, adolescent age, and intelligence.

In the World-Drama, Valuable stones, Stock investment and market, Finance and Maths, Astrology, Politics, Wealth, Publishing, and Journalism.

Crystals that can be used to solve:

Planet reposible: "Saturn"

Saturn signifies

Longevity of a person, sadness, disease, death, daily wages, life, patience, orthodox nature, old age, losses, being practical, hard work, dishonor, discipline, detachment, serving nature, karma, previous life, and body parts like ankles, feet, large intestine, and legs.

In the World – Servants, Blockages, being imprisoned, Career, Hard Things, Earth, Slowness, repetition, oils, Judges, Boundaries, Limitations, Cold, Darkness, Duties, Blindness, Deepness, Penetration, Bricks, Construction, Technical areas like engineering, mining, and factories and even Hospitals.

Crystals that can be used to solve: