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Selenite is the lifting stone, that is pure white in colour and it is transparent as well as non-transparent. This stone is found in Mexico, Russia, Greece, Poland, USA. This stone is widely used for meditation as the presence of stone brings eternal peace. This stone is great to awaken your Crown chakra and Soul Star chakra. Some benefits of Selenite are -


  • Brings calmness clears our thoughts and energizes the psychic powers, spread positiveness, aids in meditation to attain spiritual benefits
  • Brings luck to attain the things for which you are doing great work and the hard efforts are in the work, enhances the chances to acquire wealth.
  • Aids to maintain the love in long-time relationships, to find the right kind of person for you, the relationships will go smoothly without any disputes.
  • It acts as an antidepressant. Increases self-worth and confidence. Encourages optimism and enthusiasm. Stimulates self-healing powers.
  • It is a good stone to use when researching and it motivates you to learn new things. soft stone and a feminine stone that increases the chances of fertility.


Selenite crystal and selenite stone are available here. Selenite stone benefits should be taken if you own one. Selenite crystal chips uses are famous for charging other crystals. Buy selenite from us at a very genuine cost.