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Gomti Chakra has divine Properties, and they are white, having spiral patterns on one side. Gomti Chakra is symbolized as Goddess Lakshmi's fortune or luck. They were founded on the river of Gomati, and it is believed that they were founded first by Lord Krishna, so this Gomti chakra has been famous for a long time. The benefits of Gomati Chakra are -


  • Due to its usage, money-related challenges begin to vanish immediately, and poverty is eliminated; financial gains are ensured.
  • It brings luck, fortune, and prosperity, and life becomes enjoyable; positiveness prevails in the person's life.
  • Generally, there is the practice of putting it with Shaligram and the seed mantra "Om" is chanted in the morning with a clean heart to have a sound mind and peace.
  • Gomati Chakras are used to avoid negative vibes protect you from black magic or any occult art practices that also open up opportunities in the business.
  • It is used to eliminate the Vastu dosha of your house, and this is advisable to keep it in the southeast direction of the house to get the best results.
  • Helpful for students to gain knowledge and apply it in the best way so people will recognize their strengths and increase self-confidence, intuition, consciousness.


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