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Green Quartz has silicon dioxide, in the raw form it has high frequency, this must be taken after the consultation from the Astrologer. The raw Green Quartz can be found in the areas of Brazil, Poland, Canada, India, and Australia. Some benefits of Green Quartz are -


  • It communicates directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolves internal wounds, worries, and resentments, and circulates the Sacred caring energy throughout the whole aura.
  • It holds a warm feminine force of love and harmony, tenderness and compassion, nourishment, and warmth.
  • It decreases bruising, swelling, infection, and recovering disorders. Amethyst treats illnesses of the lungs and the respiratory system, skin defects, cell abnormalities, and diseases of the digestive tract.
  • It radiates very positive and encouraging energy. It is recommended that you should place this stone in your east or southeast corner of your house to attract abundance, vitality & healthy growth.
  • It allows individuals to lead and fulfil their purpose, all the while remaining sensitive and compassionate towards individuals and seeing all perspectives. It is a great stone for creativity and mental stability and helps to dissolve past struggles.

Offering you one of the finest forms of crystals in the form of Raw Cluster. Our collection of Crystal Cluster consists of Green Quartz Raw Cluster, Moldavite Crystal, Moldavite Stone and Amethyst Cluster. Purchase them online from our website as we offer you the best price.