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Black Tourmaline as the name suggests a Tourmaline specifically black in colour. This stone is commonly found in areas like Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, and the USA. The features of this stone are -


  • Tourmaline helps to understand oneself and others.
  • It encourages self-confidence and decreases anxiety.
  • Tourmaline draws creativity, humanity, empathy, and stability.
  • It matches the left-right side of the brain.
  • Helps to treat paranoia, overcomes dyslexia, and increases hand-eye coordination. Tourmaline releases pain, making it useful for spinal adjustment.
  • Black Tourmaline can be used to repel and guard against negativity.
  • It's excellent for deflecting radioactive energy.
  • It improves physical well-being by increasing physical strength, mental health, and intellectual acuity.
  • Wear this crystal to guard against moaning, whining, complaining neighbours, or emotional vampires who burden you with their complaints but do nothing to change their circumstances.
  • Tourmaline is specifically used for the prevention of motion sickness. It can also help add beauty and shine to the hair and nails.
  • In the workplace, hold Black Tourmaline for a few minutes when you need to wake up your mind or when you need full concentration. 
  • Protects from electromagnetic pollution and negative energies
  • Enhances grounding
  • Raise your physical energy
  • Banishes Negativity and Pessimistic Thinking
  • Enhances constructive thinking and innovation
  • Reduces geopathic tension
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Cleanses physical and etheric bodies
  • Decreasing knee pain
  • Relieves fear by making you aware of the moment on time.