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Selecting crystals for Pet

Selecting crystals for Pet

Seeing your pets suffering or not feeling good is something that you never want to see but still, it happens sometimes. Pets not feeling fine goes unnoticed until their problem becomes severe. Visiting a veterinarian could be very heavy on the pocket and still you may not find the perfect results.

To take care of your pet, crystals are a considerable option. Just as humans, the positivity of crystals gets transferred to pets which could provide them with certain healing from negativity.


How to select the perfect crystal for your pet?

The way you choose crystals for yourself, there is no rule or standard when you choose a crystal for your pet. Things that you keep in mind when while choosing crystal for your own healing is that it should provide your hand vibration and warmth while being held in your right hand.

Intuition is the only way through which you can select crystals for others. It is something in which you will face struggle if you got a weak Third Eye Chakra.

You know that your pet cannot speak the way it feels. Even if the vibration is felt by them there cannot be any communication. Here are some tips for you to choose the perfect crystal for your beloved pet:


  • While your pet is taking a rest, keep some crystals in front of them and let them hold the crystals in their paws. Make sure they may not chew them.

  • Notice the reaction of your pet to the crystal. If they lack interest in that crystal then it is not the one. If they start to admire it or while feeling calm begin to sleep or even roll around it, then you can be confident with that crystal. They even may start to drool; it is also an indication of correct crystal.

  • Try to take away that crystal from your pet and even then, notice their reaction. If they start searching for the crystal, put it back on them, it is the actual confirmation of the right crystal.


You can get into healing after having a selection of crystals chosen by your pet. To make your pet feel loved and cared for, make sure you use an activated crystal with positive intentions.