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Singing Bowls and Therapy by Sound

Singing Bowls and Therapy by Sound

A few people have heard the special and different sounds from the singing bowl but when someone has, it almost becomes unforgettable for them. Sounds that provide several benefits to the body are produced from them. Not only these bowls but drums, chimes, flutes rattlers are widely used as sound or singing therapy.


Following are the health benefits from sound therapy:

  • Decrease in levels of stress and anxiety.

  • Deeper levels of relaxation are achievable 

  • Most of the Chakras get balanced

  • Improved control over emotions

  • The mental level gets clearer

  • Concentration gets promoted to the next level

  • Mood stays delighted

  • The immune system gets way healthier


How do the singing bowls assist?

The singing bowls are formed by various elements which make the sound of the bowl very distinct. Formats related to vocals are also found in these bowls. If the bowl is struck in the correct manner by someone who is efficient, it can produce a sound similar to the human voice.

Singing bowls have used for higher levels of meditation, healing purposes, and providing a relaxed feeling for ages. Singing bowls are even used by various religions for making their ceremonies better in matters of divineness.


What is meant by Binaural Beats?

Various groups of scientists researched the beats of natural binaural in several tones to check if their result was making a statement on conditions related to anxiety. They were not at all surprised by the results they got.

The melodious and pleasant sound made from these singing bowls gives a real and distinct beat that can only be acquired in the acoustic form of music. It seems to be very appealing to ears.

By using more than one singing bowls at the same time is able to provide the listener a more natural kind of melody which can aid ears and through the route of the ear to various parts of the body and even mind.

If you use the singing bowls that are filled with water or any other natural liquid, you can easily get various types of tones from bowls sounding like a specific musical instrument. There are so many factors that play role in producing the final sound from bowl such as the types of materials used for making the bowl.


Selecting the perfect singing bowl for yourself!

The moment you prepare your mind of owning a singing bowl, buy the one made up of fine material, if not the best at least buy the better one, here I mean do not go for the one which you are getting at a very low cost because the quality speaks.

If possible, when you visit the store, try to hold the singing bowls in your hand and ask the helper at the store to give you proper guidance. Tell the helper to make you listen the sound of the bowl. Go for the one that gives pleasure to your ears the most. Do not forget to try each bowl available at the store.


A few ideas to incorporate the singing bowls in the practice of your crystal healing are mentioned below:

  • Placing the stones inside which you have and striking the bowl with energy to make your crystals clear and clean. 

  • Placing the crystals which are appropriate over the Chakras of client and playing the singing bowl above the. It can be done by anyone who has knowledge of using singing bowls.

  • Placing the crystals and written assertion in the singing bowl for activation of Law of Attracting clear objectives.


Do you too have some kind of suggestions on how to include the healing crystals with singing bowls? We welcome everyone in our comment section. So, go to the comment section and post your idea there.