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Top 5 Crystals for Meditation

Top 5 Crystals for Meditation

How can crystals assist you in improving your journey of meditation?

Usage of crystals can improve your level of meditation in various ways. Healing crystals are a blessing if you want to focus on particular energy or just having the curiosity of experiencing a deep state of meditation.

We can help you to discover a whole new world of Using Meditation Crystals in a perfect manner. There are more than 40 crystals used for meditation in their own ways.


Our Top 5 recommended stones for Meditation purpose.

We are listing the most common 5 crystals associated with high energies related to meditation. Get to know the information about each below and kick start the journey of meditation to experience the spiritual energies.


  • Amethyst strikes the mind at first when one thinks about meditating. It is well known for having connections with spirituality. As this beautiful purple is connected to Higher Kingdoms of spirituality, it has the ability to carry your thoughts to higher frequencies. Also having properties of calming effects; it helps in reducing anxiety and having clear and better thoughts on mind for letting you focus on your goal of meditation.


  • Angelite is derived from its qualities of having an association to the angelic realm. It does not matter if you are trying to connect to guardian angels or seeking advice from higher beings, using these blue stones for these purposes will surely provide you the best possible results. It makes you reach that state of meditation when your mind gets uplifted to the sky-high spirituality.


  • Lapis Lazuli helps you to explore a deeper level of peace. Having a peaceful mind is perfect to achieve the deepness of meditation. The dark blue shades of Lapis Lazuli flush out the effects of the strain on your mind and takes your state of mind to a kingdom of bliss. This stone for sure will help your mind to stay relaxed to experience the depths of spirituality.


  • Quartz masters the abilities to sweep away the pains of past and present and lifts your mindset for getting enlightenment. To have a straightforward and clear mind, it is recommended by us to use Quartz. Make your aura feel better by getting rid of worthless tensions and possess a great concentration through Quartz.  You know that you are in need of this stone if you have been searching for the extreme brightness that is achievable via meditation.


  • Moldavite is an extraordinary stone appreciated for its high vibrations. Whether you want to connect with the energies that reside in some other world or just want to expand your own energies, use this awesome stone as your guide. This green-colored stone assists your spirit to climb up to great heights in a short time period. Even positivity starts to pour out of the soul when this stone gets included in the meditation process.


By using these five stones for meditation, you are assured to get the most from your meditation. Reaching that state of meditation is necessary whenever it is possible, the duration of meditation does not matter here, main motive is slowing the racing thoughts and relaxing the overactive mind.


Why meditation is important?


One of the most important parts of our life is meditation, rarely people realize it. Not having that relaxed moment of meditation, it natural to get overloaded with the tensions and stress of daily life. It is the same as getting loaded with the things you actually don’t want in your life but still carrying it. Of course, that burden is painful but it also accompanies negativity which is bad for the mental and spiritual journey of our life.