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Solution for Cheated in property

Planet reposible: "Mars"

Mars signifies

The courage of a person, aggression, power, passion, younger brother, surgeries of body, injuries taking place due to burns, reproductive parts of men, interest in sports, hemoglobin levels, metabolism, nose and muscles, acne, and being dynamic.

In the World – Areas related to engineering, police, Things related to war such as guns, bombs, explosions, and sudden attacks, High authorities posts like Army, Navy, and Defence, Accidents, Everything associated with Fire, Houses, Machinery and Adventure happening.

Crystals that can be used to solve:

Planet reposible: "Rahu"

Rahu (North Node) signifies

Never-ending desires of a person, swelling of the body, speaking harsh or rude words, lust, rebellious nature, being wicked and argumentative, paternal grandfather, incorrect and misguiding logics, addiction and cheating, extreme in nature, being separative, adoption of foreign culture and greed.

In the World – Travelling to foreign, Changing residence, again and again, Gambling, Poison, snakes and snake bites, People of lower caste, Eclipse, Magic, Thefts, Hallucinations, Undiagnosable, and incurable diseases, Drugs, Electronic gadgets, and their waves, Jails, Airplanes, Cinema, Actors, Pilgrimage and Materialism.

Crystals that can be used to solve: