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Black Tourmaline, as the name suggests a Tourmaline specifically black in colour. This stone is commonly found in Pakistan, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Africa, and the USA. The features of this stone are -


  • Tourmaline helps to understand oneself and others.
  • It encourages self-confidence and decreases anxiety.
  • Tourmaline draws creativity, humanity, empathy, and stability.
  • It matches the left-right side of the brain.
  • It helps to treat paranoia, overcomes dyslexia, and increases hand-eye coordination. Tourmaline releases pain, making it useful for spinal adjustment.
  • Black Tourmaline can be used to repel and guard against negativity.
  • It's excellent for deflecting radioactive energy.
  • It improves physical well-being by increasing physical strength, mental health, and intellectual acuity.
  • Wear this crystal to guard against moaning, whining, complaining neighbours, or emotional vampires who burden you with their complaints but do nothing to change their circumstances.
  • Tourmaline is specifically used for the prevention of motion sickness. It can also help add beauty and shine to the hair and nails.
  • In the workplace, hold Black Tourmaline for a few minutes when you need to wake up your mind or when you need total concentration. 
  • Protects from electromagnetic pollution and negative energies
  • Enhances grounding
  • Raise your physical energy
  • Banishes Negativity and Pessimistic Thinking
  • Enhances constructive thinking and innovation
  • Reduces geopathic tension
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Cleanses physical and etheric bodies
  • Decreasing knee pain
  • Relieves fear by making you aware of the moment on time.


Many people worldwide are fond of black tourmaline crystal and black tourmaline stone because of their qualities. We recommend a black tourmaline bracelet to our clients to heal themselves. Black tourmaline stone benefits almost everyone because it suits easily. However, the black Tourmaline price is aggressive on our website compared to others.