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Red Jasper is a stone of vibrant red colour with dark grey or black and cream patterns on it. This stone is commonly found in the areas of Brazil, Russia, America, and France. Following are some features of this stone-


  • Red Jasper has been reported to improve emotional concentration and stability.
  • Red Jasper has been reported to remove negative energies, concern, emotional tension, anxiety, and uncertainty.
  • Red Jasper is perfect for the anxious mood, emotional frustration, mental clarity, overall mood, energy balancing, and channelling.
  • Red Jasper is said to improve mental stamina, self-confidence, personality, emotional stability, bravery, equilibrium, peace, and relaxation.
  • Red Jasper can also be used to increase the memory of dreams and to increase the sexual vibrancy.
  • Wearing Red Jasper is one of the best ways to bring consistent healing, strength, and passion into your life. If you choose an amulet, talisman, or piece of jewellery containing Red Jasper, you can be sure that it will always have your back as long as you are wearing it.
  • By wearing your Red Jasper, you are putting on a cloak of protection, you are keeping its rich vibrations flowing through your skin, and you are saying yes to awareness of your power.


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