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Tiger's eye is the stone of protection, its colour ranges from golden black to yellow black. It is commonly found in Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia, and the USA. The main features are -


  • Keep the tiger's eye on the house to ensure a steady flow of money and good fortune.
  • Suitable for entrepreneurs and first-time business owners. Tiger eye stone is still very valuable for them to develop skills and experience for future career changes.
  • It is used as a support for determination to compete for examinations, contests, defeats during public protests, to put a personality to the forefront, or to present ideas at important meetings.
  • Carry or use the tiger eye stone to improve inner vision and perception in unusual places or circumstances, as well, as to protect against the negative intentions of others.
  • Tiger eye stone sharpens the senses, allowing you to pay attention to details and plan for positive action.
  • It is useful when situations and events occur at a rapid pace. It is one of the best tools for dealing with a crisis and offers good support when you are afraid of making the wrong decision.
  • Think quickly, evaluate someone's character, and comprehend the consequences of one's actions.
  • Tiger eye stone is a blood emollient; it increases vitality and strength while restoring the body's balance on all levels.
  • It reduces cravings for unhealthy foods and helps reduce the need for excessive smoking, prescription drugs, or alcohol.


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