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Celestine is usually a colourless powerful crystal, has divine powers, use for spiritual purposes. Celestine is found in the areas of Egypt, Libia, Peru, Britain, and Poland. Benefits of celestine are -


  • Celestine activates the Ajna chakra also known as Third eye Chakra. Unbalancing of this Chakra leads to Stress-related problems, fatigue, vision problems, headache, Low concentration, This crystal activates the third eye chakra and removes the problems.
  • It brings positiveness, calmness, proper balancing of activities, flexibility, adjustability, Power to grab new activities, learn new stuff, open to new challenges.
  • This crystal attracts new opportunities, enlarges the horizon of mind, opens us to accept new relationships, thus helps in having successful deals in the future.
  • This has benefits to cure diseases like ulcers, throat-related problems, Tooth problems, cavity, kidney problems, etc. This energizes your body, spread positiveness that helps to fight against the spirit of negativeness.
  • The surroundings around you become pleasant that helps to cheer up your mood, this leads to developing healthy relationships whether personal relationships or professional relationships.



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