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Moldavites are tektites formed by the impact of Meteorite heat developed by collision on the earth's surface. Tektites are powerful and having high frequency and power so not all are recommended to take this, proper consultation is required from astrologers. Moldavite is known for its beautiful green colour that is soothing. This is a naturally occurred mineral that has great velocity. It is believed to happen in the Czech republic mountain range, Austria and Germany. They are rare minerals formed in unusual shapes. Following are some benefits of Moldavite -


  • Moldavites are beautiful wrinkled raw and unpolished stones that amaze you how the universe created them. they resolve your tension, worries, and fearfulness.
  • As they have high frequency and vibration you will always feel energetic, the vitality is improved. This stone rejuvenates you Physically and mentally.
  • This stone helps you to express yourself freely without any restrictions, your emotional balance is fulfilled
  • Moldavite develops the ability to see the inner self, good for spiritual purposes, brings positive transformation.
  • This stone awakens the Third eye Chakra and Crown chakra that will activate the abilities to do better communication, ready to take challenges.

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