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Ruby fuchsite is a mid-green coloured stone with pink and red patterns. This stone is mainly found in Russia, the Alps, India, and Brazil. This is a perfect stone for heart diseases as this stone is basically for the heart, thus properly helping in blood circulation. Some benefits of Ruby Fuchsite are -


  • Ruby is the stone of passion and strength. When used alone, the fiery red hue imbues you with a sense of power! The crystal represents intense confidence, courage, and strength.
  • Fuchsite is the stone of recovery. It’s said to help you move on from physical and emotional traumas.
  • Additionally, many believe that Fuchsite is an energy multiplier.
  • These two naturally create stellar results and give Ruby Fuchsite a very potent meaning.
  • Many refer to Ruby Fuchsite as the “Ultimate Heart Stone.” It’s reportedly capable of clearing dark energy and replacing it with love, awareness, and connection to your humanity.


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