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Serpentine stone is yellowish-green to dark green in colour found in Canada, Newzealand, Greece. This stone is good for all types of chakras it awakens chakra for the good cause and helps in developing insight. Some benefits of Serpentine are -


  • This stone helps you to transform into a new person for the good cause, the word Serpent is related to the snake as the snake sheds old skin likewise a new person is evolved.
  • Serpentine stone is best for activating the Kundalini energy, and even better results are possible through meditation, opens up all the Chakras, and connects you with the natural energy.
  • They have extraordinarily beneficial metaphysical properties that will help you deal with belligerent or violent people. Their energy may be soothing to both you and another person.
  • This stone is useful in digestion-related problems, kidney problems, prevents you from overeating, better immunity system, protection against infection, skin allergies.
  • This will enable you to think freely without the influence of what other people think about you, promotes better decision making, wise decisions.




Serpentine healing is well known in the department of crystals. Serpentine crystal can help you heal your mind of stress and relax your body as well. Serpentine tumbled stones are available at Tatva Science for your convenience. Considering the serpentine healing properties; it is one of the faithful stone in the market. Serpentine chakra can be unblocked too with tumbled stones.