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This crystal set comprises Citrine, Pyrite, Yellow Aventurine, Green Aventurine, and Tiger eye. This set works on your Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipur Chakra) and Heart Chakra (Ananta Chakra). This combination opens up the opportunities to be wealthy. The activation of both the Chakras gives you strength, self-awareness, and mental calmness. yellow colour crystals are good for solar plexus Chakra activation. Citrine crystal energizes you, enhances physical strengthening, and also encourages creativity and self-confidence. Pyrite is also known as fools gold shares the optimistic level of energies, protects you from the negative aura, helpful for business and academic aspects. Yellow Aventurine opens the physical, mental, and emotional horizons. This develops understanding and compassion for work. Tiger Eye crystal is beneficial in developing self-confidence and motivates you. Yellow Aventurine helps to develop your insight which accepts as well as creative ideas to work in the direction of achieving targets based on the timeline. So all these crystals divert your endeavours towards fruitful results which helps you to have financial soundness.

Heart Chakra stones and heart chakra crystals are there in this amazing set. Citrine crystal and yellow crystals are known for their positivity and energy. These are the crystals that attract money because of their positive aura. Citrine chakra also gets unblocked by this stone. If you want to have crystals for prosperity, crystals for money and crystals for abundance; just go for this set. Citrine is considered to be the most powerful stone for attracting money. We provide the most powerful gemstone for money, stones that attract money, crystal for wealth at a very genuine price.