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This set has different wearables and pieces of Green Aventurine and Amethyst. These crystals have a positive effect on Heart Chakra (Ananta Chakra) and Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra). These crystals help to attain knowledge, learning, and stability. Saturn's planet becomes strong with the use of Amethyst that will help you to remain determined, have patience, and focussed to achieve the results. Amethyst crystal controls headache, depression, grief, and sleep disorders. The things that seem boring to you but have great results become interesting gradually with the use of crystal. Green Aventurine is related to Mercury's planet and has positive effects on activities that are associated with the mind. This helps to bring out the creative aspect of you, remove any confusion hence better results. Any person who is involved in a knowledge-related field is benefited with the help of these crystals. As knowledge expands and that is being recognizable to others also. Patience is developed with time among individuals.


Green Aventurine Crystal should be bought by those who want to have better focus while studying. These are the best crystals for education for students. Crystals for focus and motivation are available at Tatva Science at a very pocket friendly cost.