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This set consists of Black Tourmaline, Tiger Eye, and Gomti chakra with chirmi seeds, basically for your protection from any evil thoughts and energies. This set works on the activation of Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra) and to some extent on Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipur chakra). Black Tourmaline mainly focuses on eliminating any bad vibes and energy and attracts positive energy. If you think that someone did Occult art(Tantra Mantra) practices against you then Black tourmaline is best to keep beside you. Tiger Eye crystal is beneficial in developing self-confidence and motivates you also protect you from evil eyes. Gomti chakra protects you from black magic and it attracts positive vibes. Chirmi beads which are mostly found in the Aravali mountains helps to eradicate evil energies.


If your feel threatened by something unseen or unknown; go for crystals for evil eye. Black tourmaline crystal and black tourmaline stone varieties are there for you. There are various black tourmaline uses which help one get rid of their problems. Black tourmaline stone price is very pocket friendly at our website. This amazing crystal for evil eye protection can also be considered as chakra stones.