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Aquamarine means the water of the sea, This is the stone which is bluish-green in colour is the stone of happy life, courage, rejuvenation. This stone is commonly found in areas like South America, Africa, Mexico, Russia, India, Zimbabwe, etc. Some of the benefits Of AquaMarine are -


  • They have extraordinarily beneficial metaphysical properties that will help you deal with belligerent or violent people.
  • Lung disorders, Respiratory problems, colds, and bronchitis, Issues related to rheumatism, gout, and arthritis, Pain, Metabolism and digestion, PMS symptoms, pain, and heavy menstruation, Detoxifying effects on tobacco, alcohol, and hard drugs
  • The problem of stress, anxiety, depression, fear is resolved with this stone people can talk lucidly with everyone helps to develop better relationships.
  • Aquamarine stone works on Throat and Heart Chakra, By working on throat chakra it helps us to speak in public without any fear. By working on Heart Chakra fills you with love and compassion, builds healthy relationships.
  • Mental horizon develops people can develop better intuition, more intelligence can be sought, eyesight problems are eradicated, develops sensitivity in people.