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Boji stone consists of two stones one is considered to be a male stone and another one is a female stone, smooth one is a female stone, both of black colour to Brownish black in colour, commonly found in the areas of Kansas known as the POP rocks. Some of the benefits of Boji stones are -


  • Boji stones balance the male and female energies, do not stress your brain, help to accomplish your goals without the unwanted break, people feel energetic all the time.
  • It is recommended to hold in the left hand if the person(male) is right-handed and for a female to hold this in the right hand only. This will help for the right flow of energies in the body.
  • This dissolves the cramps, protects the back, and strengthens the nerves. It is especially powerful in the stomach, hips, and legs. Relieves migraine, back pain relieves muscle spasms, also benefits the immune organ, the heart, muscles, and nerve tissues. It controls liquids within the body and helps to assimilate minerals. Promotes intuitive insight
  • Boji stone keeps you stronger does not let you go out off the track, balances the Yin and Yang energies, Promotes spiritualism, Psychic abilities, keeps you grounded due to the earth chakra present in it.
  • It brings emotional calmness, relieves tension and anxiety. Promotes constructive thinking and action, and reduces suicidal thoughts. Dispels nightmares and reveals the vision.

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