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Moss Agate part of the agate family is a spiritual stone made up of silicon dioxide, Moss Agate has a green colour with bluish-white or black patterns on it. This stone is commonly found in the USA, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Australia, Russia. This helps to connect to Mother Earth. Some of the benefits of Moss Agate are -


  • Moss agate is useful for plantation purposes it helps to have a healthy growth of the plants it is believed if we put this stone in plants this will lead to new plant growth.
  • This activates Anahata Chakra or Heart Chakra, fills your heart with love and compassion, builds strong relationships.
  • Resolves the problem of frustration, depression, anxiety, aggression, stress and fills you up in a good and cheerful mood.
  • Moss Agate develops great intuition power, rational mind development, Creativity, adjustability, removes toxicity, and gathers a positive aura for you.
  • This will reduce ailments related to skin, problems of dehydration, infertility of plants, better circulation of blood, proper immunity system, and digestive system.


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