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Watermelon Tourmaline resembles open watermelon that shows two colours that are pink or dark pink and green. This is commonly found in areas like Sri Lanka, Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, and Mozambique. This rare stone has a high vibration and frequency suggested to few only as per consultation. Some benefits of this stone are -


  • Heart Chakra and is also known as Anahata Chakra. This chakra is in the heart region of the body. This is the Chakra of love and compassion, unbalancing of the Chakra leads to Deceit, heartache, fear, Selfishness, Aloof personality. Watermelon Tourmaline balances the Heart Chakra.
  • A stone of protection that may be worn to guard against psychic attacks, Water tourmaline quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace. The stone is utilized in enhancing confidence and making you more self-assured.
  • Water Tourmaline works on the emotions of irritability, anger, and sadness. This stone will teach you as well to love your body and to appreciate your beauty. They are also ideal for relieving depression, fear as well.
  • They have extraordinarily beneficial metaphysical properties that will help you deal with belligerent or violent people. Their energy may be soothing to both you and another person.
  • This raw stone is beneficial for balancing the male as well as female energies, Encourages them to be creative, increases self-confidence, motivation to do hard work, increase the flow of income opportunities.

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