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Natrolite is a variety of Zeolite stones, This stone has high sodium in it. Natrolite is usually available in the colour white, pale yellow, or light green. Mostly found in the areas of Australia, Germany, Russia, India, etc. This stone is of high frequency and is recommended only after the consultation of astrologers. Some of the benefits of NAtrolite are -


  • This stone has positive effects on the Nervous system of the body, the nerves respond properly and easily, a person is dedicated to doing any task without any urge to stop until it is accomplished.
  • The stone promotes art and creativity, the mind will work smoothly especially helpful for writers the inflow of ideas is ensured, independent thinking is promoted.
  • It communicates directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolves internal wounds, worries, and resentments, and circulates the Sacred caring energy throughout the whole aura. It gives one a deep sense of personal satisfaction and contentment.
  • It is very successful in attracting new love, romance, and intimacy, or in establishing a closer relationship with family or friends. It holds a warm feminine force of love and harmony, tenderness and compassion, nourishment, and warmth.
  • Natrolite stimulates spiritual consciousness, opens up insight, and strengthens psychic ability. It calms and strengthens your mind, making you more concentrated, strengthening your memory, and improving your motivation.

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