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Ajna Yantra is the helper when your Ajna Chakra is imbalanced. Ajna Chakra is dark blue and has the qualities to enhance our intuitive skills. It is highly related to the third eye chakra which is also known as the master for gaining the knowledge of the kingdom of the universe and fulfilling all our desires. So, this yantra develops the abilities that make us more creative, controlled, and even imaginative. Becoming charismatic and brilliant is possible through this yantra if you find the way to unblock your Ajna Chakra through this yantra. This Yantra is made up of Selenite Crystal and the dimensions are already mentioned in a certain section.

Unique features

  • Problems related to sinus, vision will have a fall through this yantra, even stubbornness can be controlled.
  • A high rise in confidence can be felt through this yantra as it acts upon a person’s mind with its positive vibes.
  • The Chakra is related to the alphabet A and the seed mantra of this Yantra is OM. So, meditate on this Yantra with its seed mantra.
  • Crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Sugilite, and Azurite are associated with it, the metal is silver.
  • As this yantra awakens consciousness, the direction North East is for it.

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