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Through this Yantra, as it is associated with Maa Kali, you can attain all kinds of materialistic gains. Kali yantra has the power to protect you from the negative energies, you will find relaxation from the unwanted things which were disturbing your mental peace. All kinds of energies of Maa Kali are said to be Kali Yantra. Muladhara Chakra also gets healed when one meditates through this Yantra. This Yantra is made up of Selenite Crystal and the dimensions are already mentioned in a certain section.


Unique features


  • Kali Yantra holds importance because it is also known for curbing the malefic influences of the planets in your birth chart.
  • If you want to get your desired fulfilled, keep this yantra close to you and pray to Goddess Kali with your hands joined and eyes closed.
  • Praying daily to Maa Kali with this yantra will help you to destroy your enemies with ease, even your most powerful enemies will be on their knees.
  • Another amazing fact is that this yantra can also be used for Vashikaran but should be for a righteous purpose.
  • For having a life which you desire, pray to Goddess Kali through this Yantra. She is known for fulfilling the desires of her devotees.

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