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This Yantra is full of energies through which you will be able to feel the power of Maa Durga. With this yantra you will gain immense power to overcome your enemies and your miseries as Maa Durga through this Yantra will be there for you. Not only this, but you will always feel a protective shield around you from all sorts of negativities. She will shower all happiness, security, and power to you. The grace of Maa Durga will be felt if you energize this yantra before you start expecting anything from it. This Yantra is made up of Selenite Crystal and the dimensions of it are already mentioned in the certain section

Unique features

  • There are various types of Maa Durga Yantra available such as Durga Kavach Yantra, Nav Durga Yantra, Durga Saptashti Yantra, and Soolini Durga Yantra. Any can be used without differentiating much.
  • Chanting the mantra of Maa Durga's “Om Doom Durgayei Namah” is necessary.
  • Markandeya Puran mentions various benefits and praises about this yantra.
  • Desired results can be felt when used on parts of the body such as the neck or arm.
  • This yantra is also well known for nourishing the body, soul, and mind of the one who meditates with pure intentions to Maa Durga through this yantra.

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