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As you can easily make something out of the name of this product that it is associated with one of the most Prime Deities of Hindu Religion “Lord Ganesh” who holds immense powers to provide his devotees success, good luck, wealth, and other uncountable boons. This Yantra is a very pure and pious product having his divine powers contained in a very systematic and arranged manner. It attracts positive energies, cleanses your aura, and removes negativity from your surroundings. Worshipping this Yantra on Diwali with a proper Vidhi holds special significance. This Yantra is made up of Selenite Crystal and the dimensions are already mentioned in a certain section.

Unique features

  • While meditating, chant Sri Ganesh Mantra to have a more powerful and divine experience. You would feel improvement in your levels of concentration.
  • This Ganesh Yantra will assist you in creating a very positive aura with its high vibrations. It is the kind of a last resort to establish a connection with getting on the spiritual path of life.
  • Always consider installing it in the East where it faces the West direction. Try to place it at a good height from where meditation should feel easier for you.
  • The powerful and Positive Energies of Ganesha Yantra will assist you in getting relief from physical and mental ailments. It also helps one in flourishing business and obtaining a better job.
  • There is no particular ritual to worship it and it can even be kept without a frame. The surroundings must be neat and clean.

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